A check-up for your business.

We review and update your corporate records to give you confidence and credibility when you’re ready to sell.

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“I thought I was hiring an attorney to draft some documents but I found a lifelong relationship with my most trusted advisor who cares about my interests, both on and off the clock.”



I never thought I'd be able to say a lawyer saved me time and money, but they did. And then some.”

When was the last time you reviewed your corporate records?

At Cohen Pollock Merlin Turner, we can perform a health check-up on your business to get you up to date and protected when you’re ready to sell. With our guidance, you can breathe easy and concentrate on growing your business.

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Document & Records Review + Recommended Updates

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What's included?

Get a detailed review of your current corporate records

Bring annual shareholder and board minutes up to date

Bring stock ledger & certificates up to date

Bring annual Secretary of State registrations up to date
(includes foreign qualifications if necessary)

Prepare documents to formally elect officers and directors

Get annual reminders about maintaining your records

Get started for $2,500.

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Our team will help you to understand your legal needs and determine if we can support you with your business.

Get started for $2,500.

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